About Me

Welcome to Rhapsodies in Food! I’m Stephanie – a self-taught cook, food enthusiast, classically-trained musician, and travel-lover. Until college, my biggest accomplishment in the kitchen involved assisting with my mom on annual gingerbread Christmas cookies. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my passion for food and cooking truly started – perhaps when I moved out of my dorm and into an apartment where I was suddenly responsible for feeding myself, or perhaps as I started eating at lots of great restaurants and realizing the power of a delicious meal.

After living most of my life in Michigan, I very recently relocated to San Francisco, which seemed like the perfect timing for finally starting a much-dreamed-about food blog (and coincided with my first apartment to have a dishwasher). Life in California presents constant culinary inspiration, from the year-round farmer’s markets to infinite restaurants of every cuisine imaginable. Things I love: brunch, anything with cherries, fresh pasta, apple cider and warm, cinnamon sugar donuts and drinking tea every morning and night. Things I dislike: mayonnaise, mushrooms and mustard (even though I know that I should work on “expanding my palate” and these are pretty critical ingredients.

Contact me at: rhapsodiesinfood@gmail.com. I’d be thrilled to hear any of your comments, ideas or suggestions.



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