I have always wanted to start my own food blog but have never got the push to actually do it – instead of just talking about it – until now. Perhaps I’ve just been lazy, or maybe I haven’t had the courage to share my love of food and cooking with the Internet, for fear of failure, or becoming one of thousands abandoned blogs gathering dust on Blogger and WordPress. But lately, I’ve been trying more new recipes from blogs I’ve been reading for years and thinking you know what, it would be fun to share some of my own food experiences, even if it’s just with friends and family.

I recently moved to San Francisco from Michigan, where I grew up and have lived for most of my life, so life these days is all about new adventures, many of which are food-related. I’ve been bouncing ideas off friends and trying recipe ideas on several contented tasters, including my boyfriend Rob, who sat with me on the couch the other night to help me finally secure a domain name. Now that I can type “Rhapsodiesinfood.com” into my browser and look at an actual live page, I’m suddenly feeling much more motivated, even if I still have to work out design kinks.

The name “Rhapsodies in Food” has been on my radar for quite awhile – a combination of a play on one of my favorite pieces of classical music, Rhapsody in Blue, and an odd, inexplicable fascination with the word “rhapsody” in general: “a composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character, a miscellaneous collection, a written expression of great enthusiasm.” To me, it fits who I want to be as a blogger perfectly. I love to cook, but I’m not a highly trained culinary expert, just someone with a passion for trying new recipes and ideas and sharing them with others. For me, the best thing about cooking isn’t just eating my creations (though I’m not going to complain), but the joy I get from enjoying a meal with friends. I don’t know that I have a very specific cooking style – I make everything from a crazy delicious brunch (as you’ll see in my next post) to pasta dinners to fancy desserts. After all, it’s almost Thanksgiving, everyone’s favorite food-centric holiday, and I’m eagerly anticipating spending quality time in the kitchen.